learning guitar

why did my high e string break?
lock in tuners too tight?
is gauge 9 too big?
I should be able to bend from 10 to 12
excessive down pressure on the frets when bending

venden cuerdas al detalle?

in picado for top bass notes the thumb has to float since it has no where to reat. a good idea for a guitar would be to build aomething for the thumb to rest on. Nancuso had that for his electric guitar.

strings I use

9s on electric - coated
want to try phosphate on acoustic
regular on classical

great learning channel

andres angel studio flamenco / classical
jens larsen jazz


analyse song: -no such thing by john mayer


bending 25 min well made guide

matteo mancuso

he uses gauge 10 strings.
he grows nails out but keeps them a bit on the shorter side.
nails are necessary to get more attack on notes. otherwise sound is too dark.
sometimes uses gel nails. consider using gel or acrylic nails.

3 lines per string scales and super fast runs he uses tremolo picado. 2 finger picado can get me very far in terms of speed.

classical pizzicato for string skipping. he tries to always do: pima m i
when doing pizzicato the thumb follows the closest bass note to mute the top strings.

when doing picado he tries to mute with left hand index, or use a sponge.

sometimes he does sweep picking like technique when doing picado. picks one string and then picks the string the finger rests on initially.

for the left hand he talks about economy of motion. tries to not kove the left hand too much. never stress the hand and press on the fretboard too hard.


warmup drill / do every day

para mantener la muƱeca derecha cuando se esta tocando en cuerda 5 y 6, recuerda soltar y bajar el hombro. Puedo jugar con la posicion del hombro para mantener la muƱeca derecha.