learning JUCE

JUCE is a c++ framework for developing audio applications.

Projucer is a tool that generates juce projects. it somewhat hides the cmake files. Correction it doesn't hide cmake files, it was made before cmake was widely used. JUCE now adopts or is looking to adopt cmake.


clonse JUCE repo > build ProJucer >
when you open projucer for the first time you need to configure the global paths to where the JUCE repo is. File > Global Paths.
enable projucer GPL mode.

lsp problem in Neovim

I want to use nvim to develop cpp. I also want to build and run the app in the command line. Without having to open Visual Studio.

I am having trouble with the lsp detecting the juce header files.

But how do I build the project without VS?

I have a few options: