Package managers

why use package managers?

specially on Windows the usual steps for installing anything is something like: looking up what you want to install > hope you find the official site and not some malicious source > navigate the site to find the download link > unzip what you downloaded or run an installer > Most installers let you select a directory to install to > done

Uninstalling goes like this:
go to Apps and Features > browse and uninstall program
Sometimes programs don't get listed here and you are left to remembering where the program was installed or maybe you have a shortcut in your Start Menu that can lead you to the install folder. In this folder you may or may not find an uninstall executable, if not, you just delete the entire folder and hope there aren't any dangling temp or logs folders left somewhere in your system.

Package managers take all this headache away, installing and uninstalling programs is as simple as opening a terminal and running a single command.

which package manager should you use? (Windows)

I try to install my packages with Winget most of the time since it is the newly official package manager for Windows. Before Winget, the most popular package manager was Scoop. I personally used Chocolatey which is another great option.

I highly recommend installing WingetUI, which despite it's name, is a UI for finding and managin packages from all package managers. This includes the 3 mentioned above and more like npm (your globally installed pkgs) and pypi.
This is great because I've needed packages before that were only available through a specific manager. This UI allows me to just search the package I want and not have to worry about if it is available in the single specific manager I used to use.