OS shortcuts



install packages with WingetUI import packages function.

flow launcher

in order to configure some of these plugins it is necessary to do some manual configuration by browsing the plugin on Github and reading/doing the README

alt+space open flow launcher
sp spotify
ob obsidian
ai chatgpt
s settings


alt+tab                         change program you are viewing
ctrl+f4                         close program
Win+E                            open file explorer
ctrl+shift+tab            open task manager

ctrl+ left/right arrow                        navigate text word by word
ctrl+ shift + left/right arrow           nav and highlight word by word
ctrl+S     save file

ctrl+B     bold text
win+R    run cmd
win + d minimize everything, go to desktop
alt + f4 on desktop shortcut for shut down / sleep..
Win + x + u + s/h/u shortcut to sleep/hibernate/ shutdown from anywhere. no need to alt+f4 every app and alt+f4 on desktop
Win + ; emoji picker

powertoys keymaps

Win + Shift+ H/J/K/L arrow keys
win + j volume down
win + k volume up
Win + Shift + T OCR
press space right after typing a letter to quickly choose to accent it.

cropping windows:
Win + Ctrl + Shift + T thumbnail
Win + Ctrl + Shift + R crop app window

tiling window manager keymaps

Tiling Window Manager Shortcuts GlazeWM
tiling window manager shortcuts komorebi